Why Sign?

ProMedica Hospital already would have served any individual who came to their doors. By signing this transfer agreement they ensured that Capital Care can continue to perform surgical abortions. In essence, keeping the abortion clinic open by ensuring they would have enough “revenue” to do so. Besides the obvious reason that a hospital should not enable, in any way shape or form the death of an individual, as the case in an abortion, ProMedica certainly should not be partnering with this abortion facility for basic health and safety reasons.

Consider, Capital Care was sanctioned for an incident in April of 2017 for transporting a patient who they believed to have a perforated bowel to the emergency room in the back of one of their employees cars, and simply left her there. They still have not paid their $40,000 fine to the Ohio Department of Health. To see a copy of the public records from the Ohio Department of Health, click here.

Aside from the health and safety issues, Capital Care Network has employed two doctors within the last four years who have had their medical licenses suspended. Dr. Thomas Michaelis was convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography. He has a history of sexual abuse and lost his medical license in the 90s, but it was reinstated. He worked at Capital Care Network until May 2014. Dr. David Burkons’ medical license was suspended last year because he gave his staff blank prescriptions that he had signed and didn’t report the prescription of controlled substances to six patients.

In sum, we respect the great work of ProMedica’s doctors, nurses, administrators and volunteers. They have done much good in our community. But this decision by the Board of Directors simply does not make sense. They are keeping the abortion clinic open which continues the ending of human life in the womb and the harming of mom’s and dad’s from lost parenthood. They also are partnering with an institution which has proven over the years to be the epitome of poor health and safety standards. Is that what ProMedica is all about now? Sign the petition and urge ProMedica’s Board of Directors to reconsider this decision. Women deserve better than abortion, and they definitely deserve better than keeping this abortion facility open as ProMedica’s leadership has chosen to do.

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